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Love of Environment

Chan Design admires the beauties that nature offers and aims to preserve it. it uses natural techniques instead of chemicals while washing the products like seed of the fruit and many others.

Special Collections

Chan Design offers to process the denims towards the demands from costumers that are suitable for today's fashion and it aims to make your standards higher than usuals.

Progress in Fabric

Chan Design always shares the result of research & development (R&D) precess with their partners. It makes exchange of ideas in order to get best result of fabric during the washing process.

Research & Development (R&D)

Chan Design is a pioneer to many denim washing and designing techniques in Turkey and it cares to make improvements in R&D field also continuous to enhance new techniques.


Chan Design follows the brand new technology movements with its engineers and makes patent works.


Chan Design offers to its employees to improve themselves by participating many conference which are related to their field of work.

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